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Windows 8.1 product key is the way to reach out for Windows 8 latest version. After Windows 7, Microsoft launched Windows 8, but its experience with the users was not great. Hence, Windows 8.1 was launched. This version does not require a product key if the computer runs Windows 7 or 8. However, those who use older Windows versions are required to provide the product key.

The users get to use Windows 8.1 for free for 15 days. After this period is over, they are commanded to enter the product key. A dialogue box asking users to enter the product key will pop up every time they will open the computer.

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Features of Window 8.1

Window 8.1 is different from Window 8 on the basis of certain new features which were not present in any other version before. These features are:

  •         Window 8.1 has new and improved apps
  •         There are new video and music apps in the latest version
  •         Window 8.1 has a new and improved version of Internet Explorer
  •         There is an upgraded and better power she that assures the security and stability
  •         It has a SkyDrive
  •         It cherishes improved system-wide search
  •         Window 8.1 has an upgraded app store with bugs mostly removed
  •         The user interface has also been improved
  •         More customization is offered in Microsoft 8.1
  •         One faces no problem regarding live resizing and application snapping
  •         The new version offers 3D printing
  •         It also supports the resilient File System
  •         Microsoft 8.1 also backs DirectX 11.2

What is Windows 8.1 Product Key?

Window 8.1’s product key is a 25 character long code which looks like XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX.

Those who buy computers with product keys already installed in them can find the product key on a sticker on the computer. However, upon buying a PC from an authorized dealer, the product key should also be provided by the dealer himself. Moreover, if someone buys a copy of Windows 8.1 online with Windows 8.1 Product key finder, then he would get the product key online via email he used for placing his order.

Where to find the product key?

The product key is mentioned on a card in a box if a copy of Windows 8.1 is bought through a C.D or DVD.  The case is a bit different when a user gets the Windows installed from a third party, as he will have to provide the Windows 8.1 Product key Microsoft after his free 15 days trial comes to an end. Once the trial period is over, then the user can either use the option of Windows 8.1 Product key purchase to get  a genuine Window 8.1 product key online or he can simply download the installation key

Despite having many new features, people still are reluctant to use Windows 8.1 because it is hard to find the activated version. However, this guide can help people, who are interested in using OS, to find an activation key.

System Requirements

Before activating Windows 8.1 and buying the product key, one should make sure that their system is capable enough to run Windows 8.1. There are some system requirements for the OS:

  •         The system has to have 1GHZ processor
  •         2GB RAM
  •         Hard disk space of 200GB
  •         Graphic cards that are capable of supporting DirectX-9

Ways to Download Window 8.1 Product Key

In order to download the Window 8.1 Product key, the following steps should be followed

Step1:  First of all, all one needs to do, is download the Windows 8.1 product key finder. Once it is downloaded, the file should be saved in the right location

Step2: After that, what one needs to do is to click the zip folder twice rapidly in order to have quick access to pkeyui.exe. file

Step3:  In order to start the installation process, one should click the executable file

Step4: Once one is done with all the above-mentioned steps, then one will come across the 25-digit long code

The users are supposed to copy the Windows 8.1 product key the way it is, without making any changes. The letters and the numbers should not be changed while using the activation key. If someone is unable to successfully find the Microsoft 8.1’s product key, then he should contact Microsoft to address this issue and demand a replacement. If you see the message regarding Windows 8.1 product key not working, then the only option left is to visit the page and start over the process for new activation or simply buy it.

Activating the Windows 8.1

When the user is satisfied that the system is capable of having a Windows 8.1 product key, he can go on to activating it. Some of the methods for activation are:

Method 1: Using an Internet Connection

Following steps should be followed to activate Window 8.1 by using internet

Step1: Click the Start button and hit the PC settings in the search box

Step2: Select the option of Activate Windows from the PC setting

Step3: Copy Windows 8.1’’s product key and paste it. Then click Next

Step 4: A set of instructions will pop up on the screen. Follow them

If someone is not able to download and activate Windows 8.1  using the internet, then he should use the alternative method.

Method 2: Activating Window 8.1 by Phone

Windows 8.1 can also be downloaded by using a phone. The reason for being able to activate Windows 8.1 by using a phone is that the OS is compatible with Android devices. In order to download it from the phone, the following steps should be followed.

Step1: Initiate the process by clicking on the Start button. Search PC settings in the search box and click the PC setting

Step2: Secondly, click Activate Windows and select the Contact Customer Support option. The users are also supposed to provide either an admin password or will have to confirm the selection

Step3: Choose the location from the available list of locations provided. If the precise location does not appear, just select the nearest collection and move on to the next step

Step4: Windows 8.1 version for desktop and mobile phone use the same activation key. Hence, the same activation key used to activate the smartphone could be used to activate the window as well. So, the final step to activate Windows 8.1 is to dial the number on the page. The system itself will guide the users to the activation process.

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